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Dear Comanche Owners,
I want to install an AmSafe air bag seatbelt in my Twin. It was recently highlighted as being retro-fitted into the AOPA Cirrus.
AmSafe will be at Oshkosh next week ... if the website is correct ... in Building B, Aisle B midway down the aisle in Booth 2122.
I've been in conversation with Steve Marshall, Sales Director and he knows he needs to build a business case before pursuing the STC. He still needs to consult his management before starting this effort. However, if you are interested, it makes sense to go see the product if you are going to Oshkosh. If Steve gets the go ahead from his management, we'll be looking for 20-30 interested parties. I volunteered to coordinate.
More information is at
I'd be interested in your feedback.
Patricia Jayne (Pat) Keefer ICS 08899
PA-39 #10 Texas

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