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Air Racing: Hangar Flying the Twin Comanche
I’ve been honored with an invitation to speak at Oshkosh’s EAA AirVenture extravaganza of aviation in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Comanche production. I will hangar fly the Twin Comanche during “Racing for Gold: 24 Days around the World”.
Thank you to the many people who have contacted me about the U.S. Air Races. Since we are still wafting for a fundraiser and a race boss for to volunteer for the U.S. Air Race events, this will be as close as I come to racing involvement this year.
Below is the International Comanche Society (ICS) Press Release. Please stop by the tent or Vintage Aircraft Parking (we’ll be camped there) if you are at Oshkosh July 28 or 29.
World Race Gold Medalist honors 50th Anniversary of Comanches
Among the many Comanches scheduled to participate in the Comanche Mass Arrival at Oshkosh, is a Twin Comanche that is the only U.S. airplane to have raced around the world, twice. Over 65 Comanches, with all varients produced represented, will depart from Watertown, Wisconsin destined for EAA AirVenture 2008, “the world’s greatest aviation celebration”, on Sunday, July 27 at 11 AM. The public is welcome to watch the departure. This Piper Twin Comanche will be flown by owner and FAI (Fedaration Aeronautique Internationale) Gold Medalist Patricia Jayne (Pat) Keefer. Keefer won the Gold Medal for the longest race in history, 24 days around the world, with her mother, world record holder, Hall of Famer and Aviation Hero for the First Century of Flight, Marion Jayne (1926-1996). Also arriving in the group will be twelve 1958 model year Comanche 180’s and 250’s to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the start of production of the type.
Keefer will honor the exciting Twin Comanche by speaking about her gold medal world race adventures at the International Comanche Society tent located in the main display area at AirVenture at 1 PM on Monday, July 28. Piper Aircraft company first started building Comanches in 1958, and today there are thousands of single and twin engine Comanches flying their owners and passengers to business meetings, family functions and vacations all over the world. Thanks to ICS, intelligent owners, general aviation mechanics, and aviation industry manufacturers, the Comanche fleet is a vibrant and viable aviation platform over 50 years after it was first brought to market. Sturdy and built to last, the Comanche is known, in particular, for its fuel economy, useful load and stable flight characteristics in difficult weather conditions.
More than 65 Comanche owners and operators will be camping with their planes in rows 83-90 in the Vintage Aircraft Camping area at AIrVenture. In addition to Keefer's "Racing for Gold: 24 Days Around the World" presentation, the ICS tent will also host Kristin Winter speaking on Aviation Insurance at 10 am on Tuesday. She will also do a presentation on Comanche Pre-buy tips on Thursday at 10 am. Kristin is a Twin Comanche owner, aviation attorney, CFI, A&P and IA. Dr. William Tarver, NASA Flight Surgeon, will speak on how to physically qualify to be an astronaut, or at least keep your medical, at 1 pm on Tuesday. Matt Kurke, owner of Comanche Gear will be giving two talks on Comanche maintenance, one in the tent on Monday morning at 10am, and weather permitting, we will have a hands on clinic in the Comanche parking area on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm. Presentations will be offered at 10am and 1pm every day, Monday through Friday on various subjects including Comanche spe
cific, as well as general interest subjects. For the most up to date information, stop by the ICS Tent any time during Oshkosh.
Additional Information on all planned activities is available from:
Zach Grant, Mass Arrival Organizer and ICS NC Tribe Chief at 317.201.4293
Dave Fitzgerald, ICS President 330.936.7979

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